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Pages iPad? There's more to writing than pages.

Now with top-class support for Microsoft Word .docx!

UX Write open word processor for iPad and iPhone

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“[...] features that speak to a brighter future for iOS word processors [...] the potential to become one of the word processors for the Post PC generation.”

Tech Republic

“A first class word processor for iPad [...] there are special, innovative tools to really help you write.”

The Mac Observer

“It handles high-end professional authoring tasks such as creating books, reports, research papers, and theses, for a surprisingly economical price.”


UX Write is a terrific word processor [...] if you’re dealing with complex documents on the go [...] UX Write is the best solution there is.”

Cult of Mac

Unrivaled iPad Word Processing...

More portable than Pages iPad: Print and export to PDF

Freedom to view anywhere & share with anyone.

Ready to share your documents with the world? We don't make it more difficult than it needs to be. Print directly from your iPad with Apple AirPrint. Or use UX Write's robust, top-class PDF exporter and email that report, paper, or book to whoever needs it right now. And did we mention our documents are completely portable and viewable by anyone, anywhere? Try that with Pages iPad documents.

More portable than Pages iPad: Open iPad word proccesing with HTML5 documents

Freedom with open document standards.

Don't put up with encumbered, unportable proprietary formats that lock you in and don't let you share. Freedom starts with industry-standard HTML5 documents and CSS document formatting styles that can be viewed and edited anywhere.

Microsoft Word Document (.docx), and document sync with Dropbox and WebDAV

Freedom to use the tools you want.

Start with the best Microsoft Word .docx support on iPad, then add automatic syncing for your PC and Mac documents with top-class, industry-standard Dropbox and WebDAV support. Because inspiration hits when you least expect it: at the coffee shop, at the park, riding the bus. And freedom means knowing you're ready to go anytime, anywhere.

NOTE: Only .docx documents are supported, NOT .doc. See our blog for more info.

A word processor for iPad and iPhone
designed for the form factor...

Because you deserve more than bloated desktop controls squeezed onto your screen.

Better useability than Pages iPad: Extended keyboard (formatting controls and text selection), enhanced spell-checker, text reflow

Designed without compromise for your touch screen.

Forget about squinting to read your text, or hunting for tiny, hard-to-push buttons. UX Write isn't another desktop app that's just been squeezed onto your iPad or phone. We've designed it from the ground up with the form factor in mind.

Our automatic text reflow brings you right up close to your text. Our enhanced keyboard makes text formatting and selection a breeze. And our enhanced spell checker takes the headache out of typos.

More power than Pages iPad: Structured documents, formatting, and CSS styles

Feel the full power of real, desktop-class iPhone and iPad word processing.

UX Write isn't a text editor, it's a professional iPhone and iPad word processor. Which is a fancy way of saying it handles all the things you need to get real work done: text formatting styles (and templates), figures and photos, tables, outlines, numbering, cross references, tables of contents, and more. It's got you covered.

Supports iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone

1st-class support for iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone.

UX Write gives you full-power on every screen size. Never be stuck without your documents again. And with text reflow that just works, you've got stunning, clear text on every device, always: no squinting.

Supports Bluetooth keyboards

Great support for Bluetooth Keyboards.

You'll be amazed how comfortable it is to get real work done with our enhanced on-screen keyboard. But we're all for options, and if you've got one around - feel free to hook up your Bluetooth keyboard. It's nice to know it's there if you want it.

And we're not done yet!

There's still much more on the way including:

  • Support for Open Document Format documents (.odt), and LaTeX documents (.tex).
  • Enhanced table editing (incl. styles).
  • Enhanced structured writing: headers, footers, footnotes, bibliography, and citations.
  • Find and replace and word count.
  • Equation editing.
  • Document comparison and change tracking.

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